Butkus award doesn’t go to Lloyd

Nakobe Dean, Georgia, won the Butkus last night.

He has less total tackles than Lloyd had solo tackles

Dean had 61 tackles (29 solo) to Lloyds 107 (63 solo)

The only category Dean beat Lloyd out was passes defended with 1 more.

But, but, but… the SEC!!! Sorry, had to release the sarcasm.


He’s not even the best LB in the SEC.


Lloyd got jobbed. He’ll be the first LB taken. If not, he’ll make everyone who passed on him regret that miscalculation forever.


It’s kinda like all the awards that overlooked the Utes from the PAC 12.

Lloyd to Thibodeaux after the CCG.

“Do you like Apples?”

“I just won the Conference Championship and Game MVP! How about them Apples!” Aaaahhhhhaaaahhhh


I’d love to see Lloyd be the first LB… he’s running away with all the stats. But there are a couple of freak LB athletes who might steal the show at the combine.

Definitely he’ll go top 2-3 LB’s

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Aidan Hutchinson was invited to the Heisman awards ceremony and Will Anderson was left out. Will Anderson has been snubbed by so many awards. For Comparison:

Will Anderson Stats: 92 Tackles, 32.5 TFL, 15.5 sacks, 4 PBU
Aidan Hutchinson stats: 55 tackles, 15 TFL, 13.5 sacks.

Seriously, this is BS. I don’t care that he’s a true sophomore.

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Are you really trying to put forward a case that Alabama was treated unfairly in an opinion poll?


Yes. Alabama may have 18 National titles but their three Heismans came in the past 10 years. There has always been a bias against Alabama players when it comes to individual awards. Well documented. Joe Namath came in 11th in voting the year he was the #1 pick in the draft and won a National Championship. Ken Stabler wasn’t even in the top 15. Also, I know you think Alabama only has National Titles because of “Opinion Polls.”

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And you only had to go back to Joe Namath and Ken Stabler to present your evidence.

I was just going obvious. How about the fact when Utah played Alabama they had zero Heisman winners. I get you are trolling me but a team with 18 National titles and 3 Heisman is weird.

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Really Bama, if you want to bring up Alabama’s resume, just do it. You don’t have to frame it as if you’re talking about the OP, while also bringing some unrelated player on some unrelated team into the discussion? pretty lame dude.

Yawn. You’re an unserious person. Probably a BYU person since they are the one school that gets awards for no reason at all. Lloyd is the most deserving and was hosed.

Edit: this is tongue in cheek because we discussed zoobish behavior in the past. Sometimes sarcasm doesn’t translate. I am a bit pissy about Will Anderson tonight.

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