Built Bar - BYU

We knew something like this would be coming and here it is. It is great for their players and will help in recruiting. It will be interesting to see how this impacts things in the coming year.
I’m not sure there is a Utah alum in a position to do something similar. It would be great if there were.


The cost would be substantially higher for a business to provide this for Utah players.

I was under the impression that players had to broker these deals for themselves individually, but apparently I was wrong, the schools can broker deals as an agent to the players? Do the players sign the contract or does the school?

College football is really a commercial enterprise. I’m beginning to think maybe FBS football should be spun off from public universities. I can’t think of any other enterprise supported by a university that exists for the enrichment of non university employees…need to give this some thought…


How does this affect their downline?


Makes me not want to buy Built bars.


The schools cannot broker the deals for the players, but there is nothing wrong with promoting the deals the players sign. As you can see from the article, the players will sign individual NIL deals with Built Bar.

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I have never had one and will definitely not have one now.


Yes, I read that, but I don’t really believe the deal was individually brokered. It says all the players signed on and will participate. Wonder what happens if a player wants to endorse another nutrition bar? Is there some exclusivity in the deal? These kind of deals make it look more like a club team, where a business sponsors and pays all the players. Wonder if they will be sporting Built Bar logos on their jerseys.

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This whole NIL thing is a dumb mess.


The built bar thing is a very small part of a program that BYU has put together that will benefit all of the student-athletes. As I understand things, every athlete can broker their own deals but this particular program, and I forget what it is called, is designed to help and benefit everybody.

I think tuition at BYU is roughly $5,000 a semester. I don’t think tuition in Utah is much more or less than that but I don’t know. This would be much more difficult to do at a school like USC, where tuition is significantly higher.

They are mediocre tasting anyway. Not worth the money.


In-state tuition is $8,615, Out-of-state tuition $27,220. Not including fees.

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Thanks for the clarification. The out-of-state tuition would be a significant disadvantage for your alumni if they wanted to do something like BYU has just done.

The more that comes out about this, the less impressive it is. It’s money for the walkons, which is great. The scholarship players can get $1,000.

It’s a cool story, but in two weeks no one will care. Paying walkons doesn’t help BYU get better players. It doesn’t generate any headlines outside of the next 48 hours. It’s such a weird thing to do and makes no sense.

Oh, and it’s only a one year deal. lol.

BYU Cougars sponsor offers to cover tuition for walk-on members of football team (espn.com)


I get it’s your rival but this is great. Basically paying tuition for the practice squad. NIL is helping educate kids without them leaving college with debt. I hope every school gets this done. I know Universities prior to NIL who would get major money and spend it on the dumbest stadium attraction. This is actual life changing for these 36 young men who would probably not be put on scholly.

Kudos to Built Bar.


What’s utah doing? How is utah helping thier kids? BYU has figured out a way to ease the burden for these walk on athletes. I think it’s a good thing.


I’m going to add something that I read on another site…

“The NCAA kept the max limit on the number of scholarships this year despite allowing the seniors another year to play due to the weird covid year. This meant that schools had a fewer number of scholarships to give out which meant a lot of kids who normally would have received scholarships had to walkon.”

Whether you agree or not that some or most of BYU’s walk ons would have received a scholarship somewhere else is certainly debatable. What’s not debatable is that 36 young men just got some help in school and in life. I hope more schools figure this out.

Our people are pretty smart and care about the athletes, and there’s nothing to worry about. Take it from me.


That actually makes no sense. The guys who are seniors don’t count in the 85 scholarship limit. Therefore, for 2021 schools had the ability to add a full class of recruits. Where this will come into plat is in the class of 22.

Regardless, this is a great thing for those kids and I hope some Ute fan can come up with something similar. Any Ute fan who doesn’t think it is great is just jealous just as BYU fans who claim they would prefer independence over a place in the PAC12 .


I know some who are working on it.

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I know there is a lot available today that was not available 10 years ago when I worked in the program. They have the Ute Academy and all sorts of events where the athletes interact with business leaders and life coaches to help them plan for a future beyond athletics.