Buffs lose Mel Tucker

Mel going to MSU after they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. One year at Colorado.

PAC12 is too weak financially to stay competitive with B1G and SEC.

Makes me wonder what constraints this will place on Utes when Whittingham retires? Would Utah seriously conduct a nationwide search or promote from within to hopefully keep a good HC in place?

There are folks who won’t like this but our coordinators right now are perfect for an internal hire. I would offer it to Ludwig to keep him here and make Scalley the highest paid coordinator in America. The system is finally where the Whitt model is supposed to be. It’s probably as good as it ever gets at Utah. You bring in a flashy name from somewhere who doesn’t get what Mac built and the Whittinghams refined and the core of the system flushes out. Kalani and Gary would be happy to pounce on that until one can take the Utah job away. And I think both are bad for our future. That’s why I have no problem with Whitt retiring into the athletic department. Some folks may dream of being somebody else but if you can’t show your work, the calculations are wrong.


Scally is the clear coach in waiting. If we are still in a good place when Whitt retires, Scally gets the job. That’s a great thing for us.

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Is this a blessing in disguise for CU? Only time will tell! Internet says they should hire Bieniemy.


Lots of complaints, but few solutions. What is the Pac-12 supposed to do? Sure, we could save money by moving the headquarters to Vegas. What else? You can’t change the geography of this conference.

Brock whining about losing Petersen, Leach and Tucker??

Petersen was burned out and no amount of SEC cash or flash would have changed that. In fact, may have accelerated that process.

Leach, I suspect, is heading out the door in front of some potential issue. He’s a good coach, not a great coach, and a bit of an issue for his employers. I don’t see a huge loss for the conference here.

Tucker was at Colorado for one year and jumped when someone threw cash at him. If he was a long-termer who’d won championships and had built a program, I could see that being an issue. Right now, he’s looking to provide for his family.

Sure, there are issues in the PAC12. Huard identifies zero of them.


Yeah. 2.4 million a year is chicken scratch!

We’ll never know for sure what he might have done at Colorado, but to my eyes, the Colorado team last year showed a kind of fight and toughness that we had not seen from Colorado for years. Additionally, he had improved recruiting considerably.

As for the Petersen and Leach, i agree with you completely.

As to what can be done, I suspect the underlying “issues” behind those tweets, are financial, and doing something to improve PAC12 TV revenue, before it’;s too late, was what was implied.


Bieniemy was the Buffs OC for the 2011-2012 season, it was a disaster. He’s the popular choice, but I’d be wary about that hire.

All I know is that I would much rather live in Boulder than East Lansing.


For an ADDITIONAL $6M+ over the next 3 years you would gladly move.

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Wow, things are Uuuuuugly over at Colorad9


Tucker certainly went full “Willie Taggert“ on the Buffs. When Willie rolled on Whoregon, it created quite a stir, too. Unlike Whoregon, Raphie doesn’t have a recruiting legacy to pull from for a new coach due to a generation of lackluster results. Whoever goes there will need to build one if the Buffs are ever to contend.

I will say it now, he gets rolled at Sparty after Sparty starts losing (and they will). I will set the over/under at 4 seasons. He won’t beat Bitchagain, Brutus, Wiscy, or Penn State.


I’m sure if you asked Spence Eccles, he would refer to this a going full “Urban Meyer”. Although the time between the person commitment to Eccles by Meyer to “stay here”, and his departure to Florida was longer than a day, the commitment to Eccles was contingent upon getting the immediate and significant funding for the Indoor football facility. Eccles believed the commitment, built the facility in record time, and was then obviously furious at at Meyer, when he left within the year.

These guys are a different breed. They are so used to telling everyone, recruits, boosters, college administrators, media, the public, etc whatever they want to hear in order to get whatever the coach wants, that the difference between truth and fiction probably no longer exists in their minds.

For all the complaints about Whitt and his handling of our offense (I share many of these complaints), at least we don’t have to put up with this sort of thing.


Reminds me of Urban Meyer giving a phone interview during a bowl game prior to the Fiesta Bowl, and saying he was staying at Utah. We later learned the Florida AD was In UM’s living room during the call negotiating the contract.