Brumfield enters transfer portal

He gone.

Good luck to him. Wish him the best. Interesting he was still listed as RB1 and Wilmore as RB2 on the depth chart when they didn’t get much playing time (injuries in play as well). Ty will be the lead back with backup by committee including Wilmore for the next couple years.

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Don’t blame him one bit. Unlikely he’ll see any significant minutes.

Wish him the best.

Ty will be the lead back with backup by committee including Wilmore for the next couple years.


I like the sound of Ty Jordan Wilmore.

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Brumfield has faced the impossible task of being behind a NFL talent RB with Zack Moss, and now another apparent record setter in Ty Jordan. Without those two exceptional Backs he’d likely have a ton of success here too. Whoever picks him up gets a great RB.

Reminds me of when I was in Jr High I wrestled and was in the same weight classes as two twins who went on to become collegiate wrestlers. I’d just exchange getting pummeled by them day in and day out. After 8th grade I’d had enough and told my coach I wasn’t doing 9th grade wrestling. He shrugged and said, “You’d probably be a district champion wrestler… the problem is you’re sandwiched between two guys who are probably going to be national champs someday…” (They weren’t national champs but still successful college wrestlers).

So, I’ll take my Brady Poppinga Trophy home with me and hold my head up high that I was a punching bag for two amazing wrestlers for two years. It felt like a win to me. :wink:

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I’m completely brummed

and Wilmore to the transfer portal

That is more concerning to me. Now we really just have the two.

Plus Ricky parks in the spring. May need to hit the juco market but we should be fine.

WIlmore was so hyped up by coaches last season; I hate to see him go partially because I believed in him. I never had the same feeling for Brumfield for whatever reason.

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“Well, it has paired down,” Whittingham said. “Jordan Wilmore had an injury a few weeks back, which has slowed him down. But Ty Jordan’s emergence has really given him the the lion’s share of the work last couple weeks. He’s doing a great job establishing over seven yards per carry and so he’s been a big plus for us. Micah Bernard is also doing some good things. But we’ve got four backs. Who knows if we’ll be able to hang on to them all you know, when you have freshmen that rise up and and do well, upper classmen get the notion that maybe they’re not in the plan.”

We are definitely going from strength with depth to a little thin. With RBs getting pounded, I worry about injuries. But they’ve done some creative things with Kuithe and Covey on jet sweeps and end arounds that could vary up the running game too. And Bentley is no Huntley, but has been a serviceable scrambler.

Whit said in Saturday’s post game that next season Utah will have 75 true and redshirt freshman.

Ty Jordan has great potential, but would prefer we get away from a game plan giving him 35 touches every contest.


Jordan had 19 touches last game. And 29 the game before.

I see what you did there.

Makes sense. We have 60 just in this year’s roster.

Chris Kamrani on Brumfield and Wilmore leaving:

As amicable as a split it appeared to be for the program and the two running backs, the harsh reality is at Utah that the positional group is as cutthroat as ever because of the program’s legacy. The Utes’ ability to recruit with the best programs in the country is because of the sustained success Utah’s had with running backs the last decade. Most recently, it was Zack Moss, who shattered school records. Before that, it was Joe Williams and Devontae Booker and John White IV, and the list goes on. Running backs come to Salt Lake knowing that if they can rise to the top of the depth chart, they’ll be highlighted on a weekly basis.

Whittingham teams run the ball. Always. It’s how they got Brumfield and Wilmore to Utah. It’s also how they got Jordan to spur Texas and head west. It’s just the norm now and will be until there’s a serious lull in talent and production, but based on the Moss-to-Jordan transition, that doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon.

Brumfield to Tulane. Best of luck to him.


One of the guys I worked with at the energy company back in the day is an LSU grad engineer. We text just about every week during college football season, he follows Utah, I follow LSU because of our prior relationship.

Today, I texted him to ask about Chris Curry, Utah’s latest RB transfer commit, from LSU. The kid is a 4* RB, as I am sure everyone now knows. My bud did not know why Chris elected to transfer, while he thought it might because of the significant changes to the offense staff. He added that LSU did not want to lose him. He said, Chris wore #18, which is awarded to a player who exhibits exceptional leadership, etc. “Chris will fit in well”, he offered. But he did not know why Chris’ carries declined this year, but thought it maybe due to some sort of undisclosed injury. Apparently, in the LSU-OU game in the just completed season, he was a monster.


Wilmore to Fresno St. Good luck Jordan!

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