Bronco is doing very well at Virginia

Virigina just broke a long losing streak to VT and they have 9 wins. Over his for years he has gone from 2 wins to 6 to 7 now to 9. Clemson should defeat them and they’ll go to a good bowl anyway. I know this board doesn’t like him, but he is doing well and the remorse at BYU over losing him has to be worth something.

Sweet justice

Great name BTW!

Is there remorse? He wasn’t great at BYU. BYUs first ever top25 P5 win as an independent came this year…Bronco didn’t manage to do it even once.

I’m not sure he’s great at UVa, either. Maybe he is. Time will tell. He managed to win the worst division among all P5 conferences. It may be the worst division in all of FCS football. That UVa team doesn’t win either division in the AAC or the MWC.

Not only will they go to a good bowl game, they will almost certainly go to the Orange Bowl. I don’t think any ACC team will have a better argument for the Orange than UVa even if they lose to Clemson.

Bronco is about to face Clemson, Alabama and Georgia in his next three games. I don’t know what Sancho is talking about though. His school had never won the division. They won 15 games 4 years prior to his arrival. The 4 years he’s been at UVA he’s won 25. In 4 years he accounts for 10% of all UVA’s Bowl appearances. They had lost 15 in a row to rival Va. Tech and he broke that streak. He currently in his 2020 class is rated higher than BYU, Utah, SC, and rival Virginia Tech (according to

That said, he’s doing it in a weak ACC. Fair argument.

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Not just a weak ACC…the weak division within a weak ACC.

Anyway, he may be starting something special in C-Ville, or he may just be the 7th coach to win this division in 7 years. In each of the past 7 years, the division winner has had their hopes up thinking that they were going to grab the division by the neck and take over. We’ll have to see what happens this time.

That UVa will play in the Orange bowl is nuts, though. It’s more evidence of the wacky brokenness of college football. I will be rooting for them vs Clemson!

I looked it up - Sagarin has the ACC Coastal as the worst division of all P5s and worse than the AAC West (The ACC Atlantic is also worse than the AAC West). I wonder how many times a P5 division has rated worse than a G5 division.

Edit: looked it up. This is the first time a G5 division has outranked a P5 division in Sagarin’s end of year ratings since the current division structure (2013).


You’ll not see me defending the ACC. That said, I think the fact they have one top 25 team shows all you need to see.

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So are you one of those guys who would say Jay Hill is a poor coach because he is an FCS coach? It isn’t about the strength of the division it is about what Bronco has done. They have gone from worst in the division to best. Sure, Virginia is no powerhouse but they love him there because they are not the doormat anymore. He had to recruit to a school that cares much more about basketball than football. He has turned their football around. For that some ACC pundits want him to get “Coach of the Year”. I’m just saying BYU lost a decent coach when he left them. Any posters here who think he was a poor coach are just delusional. Now that he doesn’t have to minister to his flock of players he is doing better.


Well said.

To be fair, Virginia is a Thomas Jefferson worshiper school before Basketball. Yes, they take their worship of Thomas Jefferson to a sports fan level.

To be clear - I never said Bronco was a poor coach. He’s always been just fine as a coach. I don’t think winning the coastal division is particularly impressive, but I am open to being impressed if he ends up doing something noteworthy there.

I think his best move as a head coach in Provo and in C-ville was to hire Robert Anae. That guy has done well in both places with very little personnel.

BYU did lose a decent coach when they lost Bronco, and they replaced him with a decent coach. The program has barely noticed Bronco’s absence as it continues its gradual slide into mediocrity. I will say this about Bronco - he definitely knew when to bail on a sinking ship.

So Increasing a teams wins from 3.75 to 6.25 over 4 years prior and the average being 8 wins over the last 3 years isn’t impressive? Ending a 15 year drought against your rival isn’t impressive? Imagine UCLA winning the South in the next three years. That’s what this is.

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No it isn’t. By Sagarin, the ACC Coastal compares most closely with the MWC West. So this is more like Hawaii winning the MWC West, which they just did.

What Bronco has done is impressive, and his name will pop up on some people’s lists during this offseason’s coaching carousel. But I’m not so impressed that I would want my team to hire him. I’d want him to do something more than beat up on the Coastal for that.

I would say that is the expectation of a coach of his caliber. In other words, Bronco is going to go anywhere in the US and make that team into an 8 or 9 win team with an occasional better season. Plus, he’s got the salary that should be a minimum expectation.

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It’s fine if you don’t like the guy but yes it is like winning the Pac 12 south at UCLA. UCLA has better talent compared to many of the ACC schools. It has lesser talent compared to the majority of its division on a given year. The analogy works. By your logic Florida would be stupid to hire MWC Urban Meyer from Utah because he wasn’t winning in the caliber of the SEC East. Sagarin isn’t needed to prove the point I am making.

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$388,888 per win is nice. Utah paid 300,000 per win for the regular season (which may be the lowest I have ever seen in modern era). Stanford paid $1,153,426.75 per win this year. Granted, things cost more in California. Alabama sadly paid $750,000 per win.

As I am also an alumnus of Syracuse University…I just don’t know about the ACC. I guess I rest on the laurels that the Orange beat Clemson a couple of years ago. A great game.

I admit to watching a lot more ACC football than Pac 12 football, but it is bad. Other than Clemson, I don’t think any of those schools could compete in the Pac 12. Of course, FSU, Miami and Va Tech are way down these days, and if they come back, it could be different. These things go in cycles.