Bring on the Trojans!

Let’s see what we can do. I think we might be surprised.

Here is video of the aftermath of the last time we played them during the regular season:

Handing them a loss like the one they got last weekend would be an awesome parting gift to give them. :wink:


From your mouth to somebody’s ears.


Utah can win this game. Utah’s D has to have a stellar performance. On offense, we have to move the ball on the ground well. Bryson will have to make a few deep throws. I’m thinking Utah 27-21.


We’ll have to play nearly mistake free to win. Few missed tackles, drive extending penalties, assignment sound defense, and limiting turnovers and 3-and-outs on offense.

But with the resurgence of the run game, Bryson just has to be ok in the passing game. And the addition of O’Toole and Fillinger can help boost the defense


I really can’t hate the guy, but watching this makes me find it harder like the guy.
That said, he’s a bit “too cool for school,” insouciantfor me: and I still remember the nail-job
Maybe this will motivate both players and fans


there is no doubt he is a very talented player and seems to have all the right skills. I do like Peter Kings assessment however that it is easier to make magic happen when you have 7+seconds to throw the ball. Average time to throw in the NFL is 2-3 seconds. He seems to have all the skills required to succeed at the next level but only time will tell.

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I’ll admit that I’m hoping for the best tonight, but realistically expecting the worst.

We’ve won once at the Colosseum in the past century, we’re missing one of our best defensive players for the first half (thanks P12 refs!), and we’re coming in with a completely one-dimensional offense, And despite what Williams says, you know for sure SC has had this game circled since last year:

I’m hopeful that we can dial up some magic, but it’s going to require a perfect game with no mistakes to pull this one out.


I’m hoping to win, but sadly expecting to lose. Also hoping I’m wrong.


His stunt with the fingernails last year showed he had some growing up to do. I hope that has happened.


Well, Herbstreit is with us.

ESPN’s College GameDay crew was nearly unanimous in picking the top-25 clash between USC and Utah in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 18th-ranked Trojans are welcoming the 14th-ranked Utes to the Coliseum in a game that will serve as a rematch of last season’s Pac-12 title game. Utah won both games against USC last season. Only one of the GameDay panelists expects Utah to win again.

Here’s how everyone picked:

  • Desmond Howard: USC
  • Pat McAfee: USC
  • CJ Stroud (guest picker): USC
  • Lee Corso: USC
  • Kirk Herbstreit: Utah

“I think the Utah defense — they’ve got a lot of injuries on offense, but the Utah defense getting after Caleb,” Herbstreit said. “Containing his playmaking ability is obviously the key to the game. I think they’ll be able to do it.”

The Trojans will hope to bounce back from their first loss of the season last week at Notre Dame — a 48-20 embarrassment — and keep their unbeaten conference record intact.

Utah has been beat up all year and playing without its starting quarterback, but the Utes have still managed to open the year 5-1.

Kickoff is set for 5 p.m. PT on FOX.

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Nothing like waking up very late (thank you COVID and Flu Shot combo) and seeing he day in full gear. The last time this happened to me was after staying awake for 48 hours while flying back from Tokyo to home. (Was going to sleep on the plane, but being in an aisle seat at a choke point in an Airbus had other plans)

Going back to Thursday, I was glad Cam skied on his weekly interview. The stupid pressure that kid has been put through has been beyond ridiculous. I hope he gets better when he gets better.

I hope the offense that showed up and played against Cal shows up today and get us the win.




Remind me, is USC playing against another team tonight?

Because watching this Fox pre-game, you certainly wouldn’t know who.


My two predictions. I don’t think we can beat them, at home, in our current state. But if we do, I predict we’ll get Gameday vs Oregon next week.


Nice way to start! 7 and Vaki can do it all!



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Looks like JJ already limped off. Ugh.

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Two straight plays with blatant outside holds.

We’re not going to get calls tonight.


Not how I expected either our O or D to start the game