Briefly looking now at Pre-Season concerns

Before this season, the two biggest concerns I read about about and had were the linebackers and O-Block.

Utes were thin at LB, especially when Bowen left day before fall practice. Not to worry; Lloyd and Bernard played great through bumps and bruises. IMO they were equal to any position group on the team.

O-Block on the other hand proved to be the weak link.
Looking back throughout the season they were at best mediocre many games, and when challenged folded. This was most evident the last two games, playing against two Defensive lines that had up to when the Utes played them deamed decent but unremarkable.

Near the end of this season I’ve heard Kyle say he expects next season’s Offensive line to be a team strength. Given a talented senior backfield is history we can only hope he is right.

Games are won on the line of scrimmage.

It’s actually pretty remarkable the team fared as well as they did with as little experience on OL as there was to start this season. There is a high correlation between OL experience as a unit and W/L ratio (QB also) - plenty of research and print on this subject out there.

I agree it bodes well for next year. It will be fun to watch unfold again.