Brian Johnson to the Eagles as QB coach

Form a selfish standpoint, what does this mean for Utah? Is he taking a step back in terms of becoming a college head coach? Feels like it. Also seems like a step back in pay. A pro QB coach makes around a million but the DC at Florida makes $1.8million. He would’ve been close to that right?

Interesting move. Gotta wonder if there’s some back story here.

Another way to look at it is it will round out his experience and make him a more attractive HC candidate for college? I assume that’s his ultimate goal as the article mentions he interviewed for HC jobs this off season.

Although, I would think he should have put a couple more years as OC at Florida and then maybe could have gone to the NFL as an OC and not a QB coach.


He probably knows UF will struggle next year.

I am excited to see what he does with Jalen.

With Jalen? I don’t think Jalen has a future in the NFL, at least not at QB.

We’ll see.

I hope Eagles fans like WR bubble screens…oh wait, QB coach…never mind.