Brant Kuithe out for season

SUCH a bummer for him! We have a couple more to help fill his shoes and I don’t expect a drop off, but am sorry for him and what it may mean to his career. Hoping for the best!


Damn. That hurts. Hope he fully recovers.

Next Man Up.

Hello Thomas Yassmin #87 & Munir McClain #4 (who got a few snaps on Saturday)


I feel mostly bad for him. I hope his draft stock doesn’t drop too much. Interesting - Mel Kiper has him as a fullback/h-back with a grade of 58 (we know he’s not really a true TE like Kincaid). He has him as #4. BTW, Kincaid is #3 TE, Braeden Daniels #9 guard, CPIII #5 CB.


Didn’t we get a big TE transfer this off-season? Blanking on the name…not sure if he’s in the mix or not.

Logan Kendall. He played goalline a little on Saturday. He’s the FB officially but transferred as a TE from Idaho.

Munir McClain was a transfer from $C two years ago

This sucks. Kincaid will keep doing his thing. Time for Yassmin and McClain to step up. Didn’t the team get a TE transfer from Syracuse too?

That’s the kid I was thinking of.

Freshman tight end and Syracuse transfer Landon Morris eager to learn and contribute as he begins career at Utah - Sports Illustrated Utah Utes News, Analysis and More.


Believe in the Yassmanian Devil!!!


After thinking about this a little more, I think this is good for Kuithe. The way he turned & went down, seems obvious there was serious existing damage and it was only a matter of time.

Now he can get his knee fixed, hopefully will be better than before.

Kincaid becomes the obvious 1, with Yassmin & McClain getting more snaps, and we’ll see what the new guys bring.

It’s also a good time for our WRs to be emerging. Vele & Enis obviously, but Dixon is more talented than a quick reverse guy, and Money Parks is starting to wake up.


I really hope some WRs step up. I feel like Enis and Vele are solid but not spectacular. And a third and fourth player need to emerge. It will be much easier for defenses to key on Kincaid now, and we can’t expect Yassmin to produce like Kuithe has.

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The receivers can’t be dropping balls. We’ve seen way too many drops this season. They are all doing a much better job of getting themselves open, but they having trouble following through with the catch. If they were being hung out to dry getting stretched out for the ball ala Jayden Daniels, I get the drops. That is not what has been happening.

Hopefully they get it figured out soon.

I don’t think we have any first round WRs (duh) but I remember Kuithe having a weird case of the drops last year. Even Covey dropped a few, but when it counted, he was unbelievable.

Hopefully Vele & Enis got that out of their system in Tempe, and Rising is usually accurate enough to get the ball to guys like Dixon & Parks, who don’t have enormous catch radiuses (radii?) but can get really good separation horizontally.

Actually, Rising hasn’t had his best game yet, either.

Some of this reminds me of a college hoops game years ago where the announcers hyped up a player named Chris Paul, who went on to be a master brick mason for the game. It was weird… and not at all indicative of who he would become in the NBA.

Scrolling I thought this said Yasmine Bleeth. lol

Rising has been off in his passing I’ve felt. Consistently behind and not super accurate. Of course then he’ll throw a money ball, but in some ways I feel like he is less accurate than last year.


I agree. I was talking with some folks at work who were like “Oh well, maybe it’s just a meniscus tear and he can be back at the end of the season…” I was like, "Why would a guy who could have gone the pro last year in the early drafts come back for one or two games at the end of the season? just to possibly ruin his career?
Remember RG3’s remarkable “revovery”? That was brutal to watch.

I think he’s done more than enough or University of Utah and I hope he heals up.
I’m sure he will continue to support the team from the bench with his energy and Leadership.

Thank you Kuithe for your heart and your warrior spirit


IF he has another gear this is gonna be crazy!

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I’m tempering enthusiasm by factoring in the level of competition there.

Outside of week one (and even then), it hasn’t exactly been murderers row.

All of those QB’s have a lot of work to do. Hopefully Rising finds his next gear and start knocking out team early and often with soul-crushing drives.

We know the defense can shut opposing offenses down hard. We need the offense to pile on the points and control the ball. Remember the 9-plus minute drive at the end of the BYU game to close the door? Things like that.