Bowl Games 2023-24 Thread

We already have the Myrtle Beach Bowl kicked off between Ga. Southern v Ohio!

Other Bowls today (Mountain times)
Cricket Celebration Bowl- Howard v FAMU (-7.5) 10 am
R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl- Jacksonville State (-3.5) v. Louisiana 12:15 pm
Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl- Miami (Oh) v App State (-6.5) 1:30pm
Isleta New Mexico Bowl-New Mexico State (-3.5) v. Fresno 3:45pm
Starco Brands LA Bowl- UCLA (-5.5) v Boise 5:30pm
Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl- Cal v. Texas Tech (-3.5) 7:15pm

Pac 12 with 2 tough outs to start Bowl season.

FAMU v Howard is a shoot out

It was certainly more competitive than the records would’ve indicated.

HBCU records are always wonky depending on their P5 or G5 schedule

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The Mexico Avocados Cure Bowl on ABC/Espn right now is seriously one of the worst video and audio productions I have ever seen. It’s not even Big Sky student-produced level.


Isn’t it in the middle of a monsoon? I haven’t seen updates but it looked like a fumble fest.

Dunno, I couldnt bear to watch it for more than a couple minutes. Blurry picture, terrible camera angles and static-filled audio.

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UCLA has a player named Yankoff.


It seems like the officials in the LA Bowl want their own NIL deal. Soooo many flags thrown and so much tv time for the zebras


Liberty’s “toughest” opponent, New Mexico State, got blown out by Fresno State, the 6th place team in the MWC. The fact that Liberty is in a NY6 bowl continues to be one of the biggest jokes of the year. Fresno would have gone undefeated with Liberty’s schedule.


This is why the Alliance delaying the 12 team playoff was a travesty and the auto is for a G5 is a good idea only in theory. That said didn’t NM State have a bunch of guys jump in the portal?

The portal is going to make bowl season look silly


Not very excited about these games.

Monday, Dec 18th
Famous Toastery Bowl- WKU v ODU (-4) 12:30 pm
Tuesday, Dec 19th
Scooter’s Coffee Frisco Bowl- UTSA (-10) v. Marshall 7:00 pm
Thursday, Dec 21st Boca Raton Bowl- South Florida v Syracus (-3) 6pm
Friday, Dec 22nd
Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl-Ga Tech v. UCF (-4.5) 4:30pm

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A couple schools there that I didn’t even realize were FBS.

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I think being in a CUSA and formerly Sun Belt town helps with that. Old Dominion is the new kid.

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Almost time. Rolling with the local team.

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Methinks WKU, short of a big fade by ODU, is not going to win this one. :wink:

Yeah, they don’t have their QB Austin Reed for this game. Just proves how important those starting QBs are.

Took them too long to figure everything out.

EDIT: @Greginslc WKU heard us talking.


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38-35 WKU in OT after being down 28-0 with a true Freshman backup.


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So ODU is in the clubhouse with the biggest fade to a loss this bowl season so far at 28 points.

Methinks I jinxed them. :wink: