Bowl Game was 2023 Season

The whole season had highs and lows but in general was frustrating and filled with could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. Defense awesome, Offense not. Bowl game no different. Lots of reasons (injuries, coaching choices, player execution, etc.) but glad it is over.

8-5 was not bad given the circumstances with injuries. Before the season, at full health, i was optimistic for 10 wins regular season, 9 more likely. PAC12 was up. But HOW we got to 8 was in hindsite, a little miraculous. Ugly wins in some cases. Gritty comebacks in others. Then AZ … I thought @ OSU was going to he tough, as well as @UW and vOre (optimistic at home, but …). UF and Baylor turned out to be poo poo, but still nice to pull those W’s.

Looking forward to 2024 and seeing how we can do in Big 12. And hate to say it, but beat BYU to shut them up after 1 win in 10 them a gap in playing them. Likely going to travel to @UCF.

There is some disappointment. But the team was held together with bailing wire and duct tape. And, for me, we won the two games that I wanted more than any of them: Florida and Southern Cal. Florida because what dicks a lot of their fans were after last year’s game (we were there), and Southern Cal because of the arrogance of them and because they killed the PAC.

I was not surprised to lose to Washington and Oregon, was only hoping to beat Oregon State, and knew Arizona was going to a real problem as the season progressed. Arizona is going to be a real contender in the Big 12 next year, so I’m glad we got them at home.


SC looking like a Lincoln Riley Bowl team so far.

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Decent attendance at Holiday Bowl. Of course, mostly USC.

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USC sure looks motivated for its bowl game, which surprises me considering how it ended the season. Wish Utah could have mustered some of that energy. I don’t know who the Trojans are missing beyond Williams, but they look pretty decent.


Maybe they dug down and found some self-respect inside of themselves.


The U$C defense is still Charmin soft.

USC had to pick 4 new captains. They are playing for fun and backups (or lower) proving worth. One WR declared for the draft but is playing and has caught 2 TDs, so maybe helping his stock.

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Of course, USC’s backup QB who’s playing tonight is a five-star recruit. Utah’s backup QB was a zero-star guy from Milford.


4* (247 and rivals), a 94. But point is correct. He was QB2, Malachi Nelson (5*) behind him, now in portal. Question is, do they try to get Will Howard for a year or is Miller Moss good enough for 2024 or leave as well?

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I think we’re forgetting how garbage Plummer for UofL is as a QB. He was the last man standing for the job. Louisville has a huge amount of portal kids coming. This is Brohm’s worst team in a while and it will continue to be. He can coach but their talent was lacking.

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Interesting, thanks. I was just commenting on how USC’s players seemed to play with heart this time. My first statement on that possibility was kind of mean. I suspect they just wanted to end the season on a positive note, and worked hard to make that happen. Looks like it helped them that Louisville is not much of a team this year.


Watching Arizona, Utah has a long way to go offensively. Rising will obviously help tremendously. But Utah needs two or three more good wideouts and some limemen.


My fear for Arizoa is that you know there will be a market for their QB and WR. Can they keep them?

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Louisville had flashes this year (Beating Notre Dame) in a weak ACC. They will continue to thrive with their portal work. Weirdly, Alabama just got a transfer from SC in Domani Jackson. He was an Alabama lean in 2022. Think some of these dudes are starting to realize the smoke and mirrors by Lincoln isn’t working.

Maybe I spoke a little too soon, at least regarding this game. OU has figured out Arizona’s offense.

Don’t look now. Tied game.

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Yup, our former PAC-12, and future Big XII mate, is giving Oklahoma all they can handle :grinning:

Imagine having a WR like Cowing. He’s really good.

Observers are now talking about Arizona the way they talked about Utah for a while. Oh well, that’s sports.

I feel a tiny bit better about losing to them, but still not about losing to them the way we did. The bottom line is our second and third string players lost badly to their first string players. Hats off to them and to their coach. He deserved his coach of the year award.

I do like seeing a Pac-12 team that’s headed to the Big 12 beating a Big 12 team that’s headed to the sacred SEC.