Bojan Bogdanovich game winner

This is my favorite Jazz game I couldn’t watch, as it was blacked out. I followed it on the ESPN game cast while I watched the Oscars. Sounded like typical Jazz heartache until I hit refresh and we were up by one with no time remaining. I hate the Rockets with a burning passion so this one was extra sweet, especially since it came on the road.

I like the play that Snyder drew up, even though it was a long shot. Hit it in double coverage. This game has some fairly serious playoff tiebreaker implications, so I couldn’t be happier right now.

Incredible ending and a friend pointed out to me it was exactly one year after Van Dyke’s buzzer beater in Pauley Pavilion.

Ironic that right after the shot you see would-be hero Tucker (who made the go-ahead shot right before) sitting down on the floor in disgust.

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I don’t follow the Jazz really, but that is always a fun thing to see. You might even make a case for a foul on that shot too (although it would never be called).


That was almost better than the shot itself.

Yes Harden hit him on the arm. And 1!

Dude ripped out the hearts of the Rockets with that shot.

The only thing missing was a Bill Walton “Uh Oh.”