Blair out

Marquis Blair is out for the rest of the season with an ACL injury and needs surgery. Hope he recovers and is able to have a great NFL career. I feel bad for him.

he was playing well . Too bad

Guy fell on his leg, it didn’t look pretty. Too bad. He’s been marked up early in each of his two years. He’d been transitioning to the nickel pretty well.

Damn, was afraid of that. Saw the injury when it happened, and it looked really bad.

As a Ute and Seahawk fan, this was a double whammy bummer for me.

I hope he heals up quickly and is back out there better than ever next season!

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Have the Seahawks announced who is starting at LB? Brooks or Barton? One of those two will step in for the injured Irvin. Two major blows to Seattle. Ugh. Good thing we have the best QB in the NFL.