Big10 may reverse their decision and play this year do you think if they do the Pac12 will do so as well

Tell me what you think

If the Big10 does, the Pac12. No way we let ourselves be the only conference to not play.


Would’ve liked to make these decisions originally in a herd mentality. All for one and one for all deal.

I swear to god if the PAC12 is the only P5 that doesn’t end up playing, I am going to lose my ■■■■. Not to mention the long term rammifications it will have on the league.

Seeing reports of a 6 game season, 5 in conference, and 1 against a B1G team.

Would Utah have to play all road games? There are no locker rooms at RES anymore.

No, I think the PAC12 is firm in their decision to wait. The presidents were unanimous in their vote from what I recall

Meanwhile, who knew the B1G was this dysfunctional?

Also Larry Scott would have to admit they (he) made a mistake–and we all know it would be his first. (right??)–not likely.

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I heard an interview with Whittingham the other day in which he discussed what might be done in the case of a spring season; he mentioned temporary modifications to the football facility on Guardsman, an/or setting up some temporary facilities on open ground near there as two of the options they were considering. They are clearly already thinking about it. I’m sure they had to come up with some contingency plans before they turned the demolition crew lose on the old facility early.

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IMO it’d be nice if the PAC would take the lead in something, or at least stand for something… The PAC is supposed to be full of leaders, time to lead, stand on principles, etc. Following in lockstep to the BIG would irksome.

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If you’re looking for someone to step up and lead, I think Larry Scott might be the man for the job. Wait. I think I might be thinking of someone else.

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