Bid on Excess Ute Merchandise, Benefit Charity

So as we’ve been quarantining, we have been going through random boxes in the garage and finding all sorts of Ute-related treasure. Some things came as gifts, and were duplicates, generally unused or very lightly used. It’s entirely non-clothing items - housewares, decor items, books, things like that.

If we were still in Utah, I’d take it to the thrift store for donation, but I don’t think that this stuff will really benefit people here - it’s not like I have a box full of Ute-related clothes that would be useful for even a non-Ute fan.

So, my thought was to offer it up as a Box o’ Ute Stuff on here, and donate any bid above the cost of shipping (I would use the slowest of slow boats for cost savings and maximum donation) to a local food bank, the Whidbey Help House.

Now, I’ve been intentionally vague about the contents of the box, but I assure you that it’s not junk. Most will be in original factory packaging, and the value of the items will be well above the $20 or so I would anticipate shipping to cost. It’s all Ute-branded, and there’s only one handmade item.

If you’re interested, post a bid below, and I’ll contact the highest bidder as of Friday noon PDT and make arrangements.

I’m not going to bid, but that’s an excellent idea and I’m sure someone will be really happy with a Ute treasure trove.
Go UteKing


Would you be upset if I bid, but had it sent to a BYU fan friend of mine?


Not at all. For a nominal fee, I can add a flowery note thanking him for his years of support in making the University of Utah the finest institution in the state.


Anyone? Who needs Ute stuff? Everyone does. Otherwise this box will go to some undeserving, thrift store-shopping Husky clod.

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I would bid, but things are tight right now, and offering a paltry $20 (in addition to the shipping) seems almost an insult to the food bank…