Better Call Saul series finale tonight

I think BCS & Breaking Bad are two of the best television shows of all time. The amount of work in the writing and cinematography have been amazing. BCS has been slow moving, it’s like reading East of Eden or some other Steinbeck novel that does such a great job with details.

I won’t be able to watch it until Wednesday so I hope I can avoid the inevitable spoilers online.

I can’t wait to see how it ends but I’ll be sad that it’s over.

Vince Gilligan - and the competition that arose prompted by BB winning embarrassing quantities of awards - took TV series further than going from sock puppets to the best TV series from the 90s.

Everything’s just far better, far more sophisticated. The entire genre changed.

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Apparently we still haven’t seen the last of Kim. Per teaser from official BCS twitter.

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Finale - didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. IMO rarely do shows wrap it up and people are satisfied.

Great series, loved it more than Breaking Bad.

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I liked the series as well. But I was underwhelmed by the finale.

I confess I’ve never watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul for a weird reason. I’m certain I would love it and I just don’t want to commit the time that would require binging to series. I’ve stayed away on purpose because I know I’d get hooked.

I think you are 50% right. BB seems to be the White Guy attempt at being like The Wire. I never got the hype. It’s good but not top shelf IMHO. BCS however is a masterpiece. Some don’t like this finale but I think it was a very fitting end to Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill.

Also, Rhea Seehorn is a star. Excited to see if we get more from her soon.


That’s a good opinion. I liked BB more than you did but you’re right about BCS and Rhea Seehorn.


I have horrible opinions mostly so I appreciate the compliment :+1: I just never cared about the main characters of BB like BCS.

I would agree, except I got really tired of the Chuck McGill character very quickly. For me, it was just a boring story line.

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Yeah, I think at some point being asked again “are you grounded?” I would have snapped and probably done more than place a battery in his pocket.

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BB is undoubtedly one of the greatest series of all time, but I have to say the character development and depth was just better in BCS. It was an amazing show in its own right, building on what they mastered in BB - particularly the contrasts, drawing in and conflicting the viewer. The finale was near perfect and could stand on its own as a stellar feature film.


I sort of liked the Chuck storyline. Showed how two guys raised in similar environments can take separate paths.