Best fresh fish in SLC?

Great thread on restaurants.
While riffing on a theme, what are the best places - for those who cook at home - for fresh seafood?
I favor Aquarious Fish, next to Caputo’s. They supply some of the better resrurants, but I really haven’t tried others, except Harmon’s; who have decent QC.
For the record, when dining out: living in New England, it’s not “proximity” to the source that matters. It’s the chef and the server making sure that it’s served fresh. Otherwise, everyone’s trying sell marginal fish before its unsellable

I’ve always had good luck at Harmon’s and Whole Foods. Haven’t tried Aquarious, but I’m glad to know of it now. I tend to cook a good amount of seafood.

I can attest to, the it’s not the location, but instead the preparation. We live 2.5hrs from coast and can’t get decent fresh fish. That’s because it’s almost always fried here in this part of NC. It also shows in the number of LARGE people here.

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I grew up on Cape Cod. There are innumerable “tourist traps” pushing borderline or past-use product to save a buck and exploit the “just off the boat” notion to visiters from Kansas…

Check em out. Good guys. They’ll treat you right. They’ll order stuff too if you want. Talk to Nick.

The only fresh fish is that what I catch.

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mot much of a fish fan and after having fresh caught Alaskan salmon prrpped riverside I guess I’ve been spoiled although fresh caught brook trout in the high Unitas were a former girlfriend’s favorite

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