Bentley Does Not Suck

Bentley had a good game, numbers don’t lie in a 17 point win.

Yeah you’re right. It took the highlight reel for me to realize that. All my brain could remember were the two wide open TD passes he overthrew. Dude is tough as nails. If he could just tighten up that accuracy a little.


I was happy to see his improvement from game 1. That pick he threw, yeah it sucked, but he bounced back and made good plays.

I was really more happy to see that the team has improved so much over 4 games. My only real complaint are the low snaps to Bentley and Kuithe. But with a back up playing center, all in all a good game.

Bentley makes good reads, avoids the rush, scrambles for yards, is a good leader. You can’t ask a QB to be 100% accurate. So the other things are very important and overlooked.

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Announcers were saying he changed from spread offense his whole life to our sort of pro style and it’s just going to take him a while to figure it out, cuz it’s a hard transition execute.


Besides his scrambling, I’m really glad to see he was able to hit Covey for that TD with a touch-pass. Hopeful he continues to improve.

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Granted, Bentley’s not an NFL QB. (Those guys are freaks of nature, like MLB pitchers.)

But as CU was stuffing the run so well, we needed him to throw. 20/32 240, 2TD, 1INT, picked up 31 on the ground (net).

Jake seems like a QB that needs to throw the ball to be good at throwing the ball. His play in the 2nd half was solid.

Lud called a good game, too. CU’s defense was really good, especially in the first half, but even the plays that weren’t successful looked like good calls.


His hand got hit at the back of his throwing motion. The pick should not be used as a measure of his accuracy.


It wasn’t a derogatory complaint on his pick, just that it sucked that it happened. I was quite pleased with how Bentley did today. He looked like he was in charge of the offense, the leader.

Yeah, I admit I was wrong. Not elite, but certainly doesn’t suck. My bad.

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There you have it folks. I was right, this man was wrong, and he’s admitting it in writing. Let it go on record. Forever.

One thing I noticed was that even after a pick or a bad play, Bentley never comes off the field hanging his head. He stays in good humor, is serious about the situation, is usually smiling, and he goes right back out there and keeps at it. That’s a great thing in a quarterback.


He definitely seems to have a short memory, I’ll give him that. He has improved, his accuracy is still suspect. To be fair, I don’t think I could ever throw an accurate ball in freezing temperatures. He is a surprisingly adept escape artist. I’d just like to see quicker reads, more accurate throws and spreading the ball to more WR/TEs. I’m definitely interested to see some the QB competition this spring/summer for next year.

I’m usually a believe in this, but in this team, I want Covey, Kuithe, and Thompson to get as many of the targets as possible.

Ok you can all pound on me, but overall I still think Bentley mostly sucks. He made some good plays but a lot of horrible, unacceptable plays for a5th year senior. The “learning a new system” Klatt excuse doesn’t explain the open receivers he missed. He would hold us back next year if he is the qb. Still wish Rising had gotten these reps.

My $.02

I agree with concerned. I think what others have said is true - Bentley is likeable and has some good football qualities. He has evaded the rush well, and he has made some good plays. But I think our ceiling with him is fairly limited.

If you make a power ranking of our Pac-12 quarterbacks, I think he’s close to the bottom. There are limited data points for him, so he could climb.

Agreed, I do wish Rising was getting this chance. He won the job. He is still a wild card. We don’t really know what he can do. QB competition this spring/summer will be interesting, hopefully…

As many, I have been critical of Bentley’s play thus far. That said, given o-line’s current ability to pass-protect, without Bentley’s scrambling ability, we’d be even worse, IMO. I’m also happy to see that touch-pass TD to Covey – an improvement to his red-zone misses to Kuithe last week; though, it’s just one data-point.

Also, that 4th-down TD pass attempt to Kincaid in 3rd was a combination of o-line’s inability to protect and Bentley’s inability to throw good touch passes – still need to improve. Given his 5th-year status, not sure about his capacity to make significant improvement. Well, we don’t need him to be superb, just need him to be consistently decent, not unlike the o-line (freshmen and all).

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Did we ever get an explanation of what happened on the return for TD on that punt? I saw Whittingham screaming, “What are you doing!” so I assume maybe it got kicked to the wrong side of the field?

I’m not a huge fan of his, just trying to point out some positives and give the guy some breaks.

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