Being a Utah fan my whole life and living in Pac12 country, I may be biased. . . But my media deal prediction

Being a Utah fan my whole life and living in Pac12 country, I may be biased. . . But my media deal prediction:

Most likely-
The conferences stays pat at 10 schools. Media deal is worth 28-29 million per school. GOR includes a “Move to SEC/B10 conference for free” clause to let any team invited leave without major financial penalty. General Membership exit fee is also started with a fee of ~20 million to provide stability from mostly horizontal conference moves.

Less Likely -
Oregon/Washington get invited to Big10, Conference invites ONLY SDSU, stays pat at 9, institutes a ACC/Pac12 challenge where the 9 ACC schools NOT playing Notre Dame will all play a cross conference opponent in the Pac12. Media rights still come in around 26-27 million per school. This would really help increase adoption of the ACC network on the west coast which is sadly lacking carriage even with low fees outside of the ACC footprint.

Not Happening -
Big12 invites 4-6 Pac12 schools and they accept. The new bloated conference tries to respect regional rivalries and ends up being divided into East/West like the SEC and Big10. Due to the large cumbersome geographics and the fact that a team like West Virgina/UCF/Cinci have zero desire to play 3-4 games west of the Rockies and vice versa the entire conference get divided into 2 smaller more regional conferences that are not bloated with teams with ZERO history.

Big12 already has plenty of bloat in that UCF/WVU/BYU are nowhere close to the rest of the conference and have very little in terms historic rivalries. Adding more bloat would create a conference where half the teams never even see eachother.
Example: SEC/Big10 where you barely play against teams cross division (Alabama has played Vandy twice since Utah joined the Pac12 . . . twice in 12 years, This is before adding 2 more teams)

Source: None- Just my personal thoughts. I’m just a west coast doctor that focuses on treating the hispanic community that can’t get health insurance. I love both my BYU cougars, but also love Utah as that was the team of my childhood before I went to college. (IOW just a fan’s opinion)

FYI: BamaFanNKY probably will dislike this post, he dislikes me greatly and called me racist or a bigot and basically just wants me to stay away. So please ignore his comments.

Lastly - Utah’s brand over the past 5 seasons has grown immensely, it doesn’t matter what conference Utah is in. They will succeed wherever they are. The program and culture Whittingham has built is likely to stand the test of time. Individual team brand is worth far more than the conference brand.

Ever since Kyle took over. . . I have enjoyed watching him constantly elevate this program year after year. I don’t expect taht to change with USC/UCLA or the outside chance of other schools moving conferences.