Been a while

Its been awhile since my last post here…but just had to stop by and say im NOT, in NO WAY, a Ute fan (for the VERY old school fans here, you already know)… but I am, and will always be, a huge fan of Karene Reid.

I coached that kid from 5th to 8th grade…the last time i ran in to him was @ my son’s HS baseball game in 11th grade and he dismissed his football friends to come up to me and tell me the impact i had on him…made me a bit emotional!

My boy and him played football together in their youth…I coached that kid for 3 to 4 years (which wasnt hard, because his dad coached with us too)…and let me say that there’s few kids I’d be making a post like this for.

Karene’s THE real deal! He was RAISED right! a human and as football player…just thought I’d stop by and let you know you got a special player in Karene! …and that goes WAY beyond football…he’s a real one!

Nice. Thank you for sharing that. Good stuff.