Beavers vs Bears

At this moment OSU is leading Cal 7-0. So maybe the Beavers aren’t the slubs everyone said they were after getting beaten by our Utes last week.

Just maybe the alternative hypothesis is true: THE UTES ARE DAMN GOOD !!!

Or CAL is not, “all that and a bag of chips”.

Oregon St 14 Cal 3. 9:00 in the 3rd

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I guess I’m tired of Utah beating teams then hearing “Well they aren’t that good”

Washington State and the Air Raid was great, until Utah beat them

Lutton and OSU had a great offense, until Utah beat them

Utah wins today and suddenly will ASU be a paper tiger?

C’mon maybe the Utes are “that good”

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It is going to end as a close one at Cal. So are we all gonna worry about Cal next week?

Or will we realize that non-transitive results like Utah>BYU>USC>Utah are the exception?

The broadcast of this game sounds like two people sitting in their living room commenting on it. Very strange sounding.

Agreed, Their mikes seem so muted that the crowd noise drowns them out and the ref’s calls sound like shouting in comparison. Poor technical work by PAC 12 channel, but would we expect that aspect to exceed the rest of it?