Be Safe Out There

Tragic Death. I imagine @Carolina_Cycling_Ute is familiar with this champion. I worry about early season riders what with all the sand, snow ice and water run-off making the roads even more hazardous than usual.

Sadly I only know of him. I saw the article and was deeply saddened, especially in light of what happened with my wife last Sunday. At least she wasn’t hit. I have been, when we lived in Austin. I know others who have been.

While I know that a small number of cyclists give the rest of us a bad name. If only the same view happened with motorists. Frankly I don’t trust ANYONE behind the wheel. On the moto, I’m a bit aggressive in my positioning, to allow me room to “escape” an area if I have to do so. I can’t do the same on the bicycle, but I ride very defensively.