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Basketball Tickets came today. The new format is a credit card like ticket for each. Problem is I split the two tickets with a friend with each of us taking both tickets to some games and often letting someone else take tickets for games we both can’t make. Well splitting up tickets like that are out the window since we live in different parts of town and running the credit card like ticket around is awful. If you want to give away a game you need to figure out getting the credit card device back for the next game. Same thing with a single parking pass for all games.

I was wondering why the U would do this. Is it to make it very difficult to sell a single game ticket? What ever the need was it has made owning BB incredibally difficult for our uses. It will likely cause empty seats for games we once gave away to others, and not allow one of us to use both tickets. Since BB does not fill up often, this can only hurt attendence. For us, it makes it unlikely we will renew again because of all the hasstle. I wonder if this is the future for football tickets?

Flash seats isn’t an option?

I would check out flash seats, which is the platform for it. It actually makes it way easier to do what you are doing, and hand off tickets to people, or even sell unwanted ones. The old days of having to have someone pick up the old paper tickets is gone, you can just transfer them to them - and I’m not 100% certain about this, but I don’t think they even need to be on Flash seats to receive tickets this way.

Download them all to Flash Seats and then forward half of them to your co-purchaser. Problem solved.

As others have said, flash seats offer a workable solution, once you get used to them, I think all recipients must have flash seats accounts though.

What are they doing for B.B. parking passes this year, single season of individual games?

Yes, as it turns out, this old man needs to learn how to use flash tickets.

One paper parking pass. They once had one for each game so the pass could follow tickets. Now one that is reused and hopefully not lost before the season ends.

I have 2 tickets (a long time friend and I share the cost) and my parents have 2 tickets on a different account and we all sit together.

I was able to send my friend his ticket to each game with flashseats, (so we can each enter the arena separately as we meet up there) but my parents don’t use their cellphone like a computer and I’m sure they and many other older fans are going to find this ‘ticketless’ method rather perplexing. (Fortunately parents arrive together and can use the ‘card’ to enter the building.)

As on over 60 fan who uses flash seats, I am hurt by your comment. :grinning:

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I’m bumping 60 in a few years, but my parents are in their mid 80s and I’m not sure they would be able to take a picture with their cellphone and put it on facebook.

I may be older, and I’ve grown to like these e-ticket systems.

I personally prefer this, mostly because I use all my tickets, and don’t have to try to figure out how to share the parking pass with someone. I “hope”, this means that people will simply drive into the appropriate lot, without having to wait for someone to scan the parking pass or rip part of it off. The long lines to get into the lot in the last few years, made late game arrival much worse than it’s been historically.