Battin and Jenkins will walk on Senior night vs Colorado

They both have a year of eligibility remaining.

I’d like to see Battin, Jenkins and Gach all move on to make room for some better, contributing players.


Me too but more talented players aren’t exactly beating down our doors to get here.

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RM, so maybe at 23 time to find a career?

True. But if those three are still here, there’s no space for a better player. So we can’t even try to get anyone better.

If those 3 are still here, this program is in a lot of trouble. it would mean Smith cant recruit


I’m pretty sure that all three of them will be gone after this year. In fact, more than those three should be gone if he’s using the transfer portal properly.


I hope so, but look who we got in the tranfer portal last year: Mahoric, Jenkins, Gach, Madsen, Worster and Anthony. Madsen and Anthony are obviously keepers, but we have to get much better talent than last year. (Worster to me is ok, but he is not a Pac 12 point guard.)

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It kinds of sucks that going forward teams are going to be built with the portal more so than HS recruiting but that seems to be the reality.

I hope they use the portal better this next year. We lost a lot more talent to the portal than we brought in.

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Timmy Allen in Texas vs. Kansas game today scored his 1,700 point. I think he was gone even if Larry K came back, as both he & Plummer wanted to play on really good teams. Can’t blame them—how could a team with those 2, Januten (sp?) playing well as a pro in Finland, Pelle who plays major minutes for #2 in the country, Carlson & Marinez not have been a NCAA team??

The coming recruiting season, especially the portal, will be the first and perhaps the most important test of Smith’s abilities as a PAC-12 head coach.

I agree and I’m really hoping for the best because so far the high school recruiting has been awful.

Riley said yesterday that portal recruiting will happen very quickly. Doesn’t go from April to mid May anymore. Will start immediately after a teams last game and be over in four weeks.