Basketball Season Ticket Opt In/Opt Out Deadline is Tomorrow

I’ve been wondering what the deal was with respect to basketball season tickets and had been looking back to make sure I hadn’t missed something with no success. Today about 5:30pm I got an email that if you’re a season ticket holder you have until tomorrow to log onto the ticket website and determine what you want done with your tickets. The choices are:

  1. Choose to Opt In and you’ll get tickets for the 2020-2021 season IF there will be fans allowed in the games. You’ll get an adjusted final price since the number of games will be reduced.
  2. Choose to Opt Out for this year and you’ll give up your tickets for this year but you can renew the same ones for next year. You can donate your ticket price, get a credit, or get a refund.

I really don’t remember seeing any of this information before tonight, so I thought I’d bring it up to UF.N since those emails go to my “junk/buying” email that I pay less attention to and thought others may be in the same boat.

Mine are in Section J. So I never had to worry about an assigned seat.

So, bottom line, I never even checked, and I am of no help (big surprise)

I will not opt in or opt out…

Never got season tix in the first place. :wink::wink::wink:

Ok, donated my football season tix money to the Crimson club this year. Looking forward to next season.

I got the same email and it was also the first time I’d heard of this (which doesn’t mean they didn’t try to tell me). I think I’ll opt out for this year. Not sure I’ll donate my ticket price, because I’m not happy with Athletics right now. But I’m trying to cut them some slack because of how difficult it’s been for them to function during Covid. Just another rotten aspect of 2020.

They reached out to me about a month ago. Not sure why everyone wouldn’t have received notification.

I missed it, probably.

That’s the part that baffles me. I actually sorted all my emails looking for some word on it a couple of weeks back. Nothing under Utah Athletics or Basketball. Glad I caught it yesterday.

I chose to Opt out and let them keep this year’s as an account credit. Basically kicked the van down the road a little.

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That’s one hell of a kick. You work out with Chun Li?

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Damn fat fingers. :smile:

The website is very user-unfriendly (typical) and I can’t get it to work. I had to email someone there to get my decision handled.

If only they had access to a top notch, historically innovative computer science & engineering department.

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I was able to get this link that takes anyone right to where they need to go, so you can bypass the hard-to-use ticket site.