"Bama Bias" even Alabama Local Media doesn't buy into it

Sure this is a comedy Youtube channel out of Birmingham but they reflect what we all think. None of us are feeling too great about our schedule:

That was pretty good. The cop did a very good job of not interfering.

I’m reminded of this video from our Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama.

That was awful. Granted, those were time before even the iPad. Can you believe it’s been a decade since that and Alabama won 5 of the 10 National Titles since that game? What a ride.

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I suspect Utah had something to do with that ride for Alabama. They’ve generally been prepared for their games. I’ve not notice them overlooking anyone. Just a guess on my part.

But, yeah, hard to believe that it has been 10, almost 11 years since that wonderful Sugar Bowl.

I completely give Utah at least 10% of that. A bunch of dudes were not buying into the team process that season. Coach Saban was pissed about it all season. That game changed our program for the better. Not to be all Alabama share time but they did a review of the season following recently and I find it interesting. It’s cool because Gene Chizik from Auburn and a bunch of people contributed to this:

I love that that goodbye Nick song was on the air by the time we got back to the hotel from the game.

Nothing wrong with creating a system that works. And it has worked well in Alabama. I really do think Saban is one of the best college coaches ever. He has created a really good program at Alabama. It appears to be a clean program to boot. Good for him.

Yeah. I like that he’s got an 88% grad rate (I know y’all kill Bama at that stat) and it does seem he brings in great speakers to discuss important topics for when they are in the NFL or when they graduate. I have to be honest, I expected Utah to be right there with Alabama when they went to the Pac 12. I have always thought the program was a top 10 program if they got in a P5 with the boosters and the businesses based in SLC.


Hopefully Coach Whitt has built that program you thought Utah could be. He seems to have done a real good job since we joined the PAC12. Incremental growth has been there. Hopefully it stays that way.

Was that the reason they didn’t want to be at the Sugar Bowl? :wink:

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That was the dumbest excuse. I even came on this board and gave your team full credit and said I thought you were National Champs. They believed like so many after the Clemson won earlier that season that we could wear a uniform and roll over teams.

Lot of people forget how Saban set the tone and players, fans and media ignored him till after Sugar: