Balancing Out Classes in Football

Last year was the most senior heavy football team I can recall. Not sure exactly how it got that way, it did have a lot of players who ordinarily would have entered the draft their junior year who miraculously all stayed for their senior year.

So next year we will remain unbalanced with 75 freshmen.

I’m not sure how much effort coaches put into balancing out the classes, but I’ve really enjoyed watching this year’s team despite the big dropoff in experienced players.

Would you rather see a balanced team with consistent results year to year, or a very highly ranked team every four years like we saw last year?

I’m guessing with the new transfer portal era, the classes will naturally balance themselves out as players from the same class leave when they don’t get playing time. It’s too bad, I’d love to see an exceptionally strong team every four years.

I think your last comment is spot on. Classes will to some if not a large degree balance out. That is to say, Utah will begin increasingly to experience what the top programs experience, more turnover.