Baby Names

Utah is known for unusual names and unusual spellings. My adult kids have basic names, spelled in a traditional way, although we had some fun with their middle names. Even if they were babies, I don’t think I could allow myself to get more unusual than say, Ace or Gunner – obvious references to sports terms, and likely only as a nickname. I’m single minded that way I guess.

Jesus F CHrist. You would actually name your child slayer or shooter? All these years after Columbine and the pandemic of gun violence that exploded afterward?


This has to be was the birth of an idiocracy looks like. Dropping a violent name on your kid??? Do we take the next step and evolve MMA into being the Thunderdome - two fighters enter…only one leaves alive?

This is madness elevated.


POTUS on the podium in the future… “I nominate Charger Gonzalez to the Supreme Court”.

I always thought naming kids with cute names (Skylar, that they will outgrow quickly was bad, but now?


I can’t wait for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho to take office one day.


I was always partial to “Cool-Breeze.”
Thats a name a kid can really grow into.
It’s also gender neutral…

It started with the movie “parenthood” when the kids name was cool

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Worked with a guy whose last name was Park. His wife was pregnant with a boy. I tried to get him to name the kid Lincoln, and he thought about it. But he never got the joke.


Did you ever meet our old coworker Dick Leining? I always thought that was beyond cruel on the part of his parents. He was a pretty strange guy.

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No. But there were a lot of strange folks out there.

Not us, though.


I worked with a guy named Jack Dick, and his wifes name was Rubba (pronounced like Aruba)

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I met a pair of twins in the deep south 30 years ago named LemonJelo and OranJelo. Their mama was a huge fan of Jello.

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Reminds me of Fletch Lives.

“I’m Peter Lemonjello. Your house is on fire.”