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Hey Utes! UCF fan here, Excited that we’re officially in the same conference as yall! Definitely excited to make it to SLC soon for a game, you guys have a very solid program.

I was wondering if you guys would like to join a new Big 12 board and talk to other B12 conference mates as well as talk on this board.

It’s on CSNBBS, in the B12 section. (Just search B12 Message Board on google and it should be one of the first ones that pops up.

Not trying to spam or advertise (I just post on the site, I dont own it). I just wanted to invite you guys to a place for all B12 fans to talk about things regarding the conference, and get different fans’ perspectives. If you are going to go to Orlando for a game when we play you guys for the first time, feel free to ask me any questions!

I know some of you might not be thrilled to be in the conference, but to those of you that want to engage with other future conference mates, we’d love to have you!

Go Utes!

Awesome thanks, I’ll check it out and welcome to our board! Looking forward to playing you guys.


Thanks for stopping by, I’ll check out the message board. If the BYU-Provo crowd has already been there poisoning the barrel I probably won’t be back.

You guys will find out soon enough about their tactics. Just post a survey about the best new addition to the conference that includes BYU as a choice and you’ll see what I mean.


Should be some good games between us. Never been to Utah so I’m excited for that too.

I know the PAC 12 falling apart sucks, and it’s sad that 100 years of history got destroyed, but it is what it is. I think the new B12 will be very fun too.


Actually there aren’t many BYU fans yet, and the ones that are there are very civil. Compared to other boards on the site it’s relatively troll free.

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Welcome! and yes, BYU is already poisoning the well all across the interwebs. Take what they say with a grain of salt.
BTW; this is the Utah message board where all the adults hang out. You’ll find this a welcoming place for the most part.


Thanks for the invite and welcome to our board. It’s a free country, but we usually dont spend much time comparing ouselves to or talking about a certain team south of here.
We hope to be gracious hosts when you come and worthy opponents.
May you be strong and well


Here is the link

Big 12 Message Board

Do they have an app? Really hard to read on a smartphone.

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I think there used to be an app, I don’t see it anymore though. I’m on my phone and it isn’t hard for me, maybe turn it to web or mobile view somehow?

Also thanks for the warm welcome guys. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it lol. I’ve gone to a lot of other teams boards and got mixed reactions, to say the least. (Kansas and K State fans were really nice, some Texas Tech and Oklahoma State fans weren’t as nice).


I am pretty old and don’t have my glasses on, so there’s that.


Ok. Soooo. I loved being in the P12. It’s a little disappointing leaving and watching it fall apart.

BUT every passing second I’m getting excited about the Big 12. There are a lot of fun teams I’m there and I have really missed the MWC vibe that we left and it really seems like the Big 12 has that. A lot more passionate canvases without the snotty USC/BYU/Oregon “we are better than you”.

I looked at recruiting rankings the last 3/4/5 years and it’s nuts how clumped together everybody is. That’s exiting. The talent is very equal.

Also, Utah comes in with the highest average recruiting class rankings the last 3/4/5 years. That’s so weird. We’ve always been the massive underdog fighting to prove ourselves. Now, we have a much different role.

That’s really neat.

Also, I’m stocked to have a Florida team. We recruit there kinda a lot for a western team and now we have a reason to be there.

So, I’m getting excited. Can’t wait to beat down BYU again ( ■■■■ them) and I’m pumped to play TCU again. I’ve missed those games.

All in all, I’m sad but quickly getting over it. I think the fans of the other Big 12 teams are really getting me excited. So thanks!


I’m glad you guys are embracing it. It’s fun to be in a conference with a bunch of scrappy schools who care about sports. There isn’t really a true bottom feeder that just doesn’t care, like Vandy or Boston College. Even Kansas tries to be good at football.

Lots of rivalries and regional games now in the conference, which was kind of lacking before. Now we have:

Arizona-Arizona State
UCF-Cincy (Yes we’ve started to hate each other)

Should be some exciting football and basketball.


One more thing, for whatever reason the owner likes to approve accounts by hand, so it might take a bit for you to be able to post. I think it’s a dumb method but like I said, I don’t own the site. Oh well.