Aztecs Reminded The Zoobs

That they couldn’t even win a MWC title.

In the years since they went independent, is there a season where they would have actually won the MWC? Probably 2015, and perhaps 2013.

But the rest of the years they have at least 2 MWC losses, and perhaps more had they actually played the conference.

Then again, maybe going independent weakened them and could explain their poor performance against their former conference.

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The best part of this is that I feel like most zoobs are accepting their obvious and very painful mediocrity.


Maybe they should consider the BigSky Conference? I heard it’s geographically friendly.


East Provo would’ve been bottom-feeders in the MWC this year. With that noted, if they got back into the conference, they could be in contention for a title within a couple of years if they keep Sitake.

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And yet their faithful still claim that we have never beat them, they have only beat themselves.