Avenues Street Fair

My wife and I went, later, after the early day rain, to the Avenues Street Fair this afternoon

We had a wonderful time and I would recommend it to everyone any year in the future.

This year’s festivities were located on Ninth Avenue, where I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and walking past all the homes of childhood friends, and neighbors who’s lawns I mowed as a young boy, was nostalgic, and in the climate of the recent pandemic, we both reveled in the opportunity to be among people again.

We met the woman who owns the home in which I grew up, who was gracious enough to let me walk through the house and into the back yard. I saw a handful of old friends, for the first time in years, some from elementary school, some from college, who still live in the area. Each a very pleasant surprise!

I saw the home my grandfather (and his recently widowed mother) first lived in, also on Ninth Avenue when they moved from Glasgow, Scotland, in 1915 (he lost her to the 1918 pandemic).

I also heard a wonderful local band, Twisted Brother, that played (among many other tunes) a GREAT old song from my youth which I has not heard in decades, and that I would have bet my life was recorded by someone else (link below).

I’m not a particularly social person, but I have no words to express how nice it was to get out of the house for a few hours.