Avalanche buries the Lakers

Jazz 14 1st half 3s too much for LA. Jazz 114 Lakers 89

Jazz are sharing the ball so well and are so deep in talent. Had nine treys from the bench last night and on Monday had nineteen treys from the bench.

Lot of hoops left to play this season but hopefully they can make a deep run in the post season.

Sure a few teams when healthy have a great starting five, but no one has as good a bench as we do this season.

I actually got to watch this one since it was on ESPN. The team looks good, but it’s kind of a bummer to watch three-ball. At one point, the Jazz had 38 points on 10 three-pointers and just 4 regular field goals.

The most exciting playes of the game were the handful of times Gobert scored in the post.

I do still believe that this Jazz team is last year’s Bucks. They will win the regular season, but they won’t be able to compete with the superteams in the playoffs. Still, winning the regular season is fun.

I don’t know that the threes aren’t exciting. Watch the passing that leads to open threes. Utah is great at moving the ball. Players are quick and decisive with their passes.

I watched the passing, it’s very nice. Passing has always been nice in basketball. I love the now obsolete skill of passing into the post. I don’t think the new basketball is great for basketball as a spectator sport. But the people will vote with their eyeballs, I guess.

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