Atrocious ballads you absolutely hate

Only one.
“Beth” by KISS

Just about everything by Barry Manilow.


Seasons in the Sun.


“Love Bites” by Def Leppard
“Faithfully” by Journey
“Winds of Change” by Scorpions

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

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Love Hurts by Nazareth.

The guy hits the money notes though

Any ballad Donnie Osmond sang as a teenager. (I don’t know of any that he sang later.)


I challenge you to make it through this video without vomiting.

Carrie, by Europe. This band makes me want to self immolate to protest Sweden’s existence.

Does “Your Body is a Wonderland” count? What a piece of sh!t.


It’s both strange and beautiful that John Meyer has transmorgrified into the heir apparent of the Grateful Dead. I didn’t see that coming.
What’s even more interesting is that he literally had an epiphany and completely embraced the art, fully appreciates the legitimacy of the songcraft and looks now at some of his own material as vapid and referential.

Celebrate John Mayer’s 42nd Birthday By Reliving His Trip Down The Grateful Dead Rabbit Hole [Videos]

Dead & Company tour: 5 reasons why John Mayer is with the Grateful Dead band | Raleigh News & Observer
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Oh, you missed out on this one then:

I happily admit that that I was not even aware of it.

I saw Dead & Company at Usana. It was a great show.

Usana is not my favorite venue, but I heard it was marvelous.
FWIW, you can probably find the live stream from that event (or at least the audio recording)
Here ya go:
Listen to Dead and Company’s Salt Lake City Debut Show - 6/7/2017 Full Show AUD - Jam Buzz

Here’s the Spotify version:
Here’s an album for you… USANA Amphitheatre, Salt Lake City, UT, 6/7/2017 (Live) Dead & Company

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Anything by Air Supply


Couldn’t agree more.