ASU now banned for one bowl game (so far)

I guess there will be one more bowl opportunity available to PAC-12 members who aren’t ASU as the conference’s football history breathes its last.

From The Athletic:

Arizona State has informed the NCAA and the Pac-12 conference that it will self-impose a one-year postseason ban on its football program for the upcoming season, the school announced Sunday.

The decision comes amid the ongoing NCAA probe into alleged recruiting violations under former coach Herm Edwards.

Made me laugh when I saw this earlier.

It should be a rolling 1 yr ban. We know, and ASU knows that ASU won’t go bowling this year. This ban should kick in for the next time they’re eligible. Although I do expect them to receive a mulit-year ban via NCAA.


A team that is gonna suck like a category 5 hurricane self-imposing a ban to not play in the post season in 2023.

They should give NAU the death penalty for that one. :wink:


So let’s hope, just for the sake of schadenfreude, that ASU is shockingly amazing this year, gets invited to a major bowl, and then has to turn it down. :grin: