ASU game vs. Utah cancelled

COVID within Sun Devil program

Official word from the U is “postponed.”

ASU has lost 5 games already, that’s a lot to make up

Means our next 3 games against opponents ranked in the top 6. At least if we end up playing in Tempe at some point, Carlson will hopefully be back.

I fear things are about to blow up and this won’t be the only postponement on our schedule.

For Utah, yes. Didn’t UCLA basically take a month off? Blowing up in other places

that’s my concern too, I believe we’ve only had 1 player out for COVID this season so far. I could be wrong. With the travel, attending classes it seems inevitable that they’re destined for a team outbreak

The Utah Jazz are a traveling COVID show right now. There is nothing quite like having G League castoffs suiting up to have a team. College doesn’t have that option.

This season was a mess, then COVID decided to turn it on its head and give it a spin.