Assuming we have a football season, Brant Kuithe is poised for a breakout year

Rewatching some games, and I forgot how dynamic the big man is. Great hands, surprisingly quick, and good instincts. Hopefully the Utes continue to utilize him in the sort of unorthodox fashion they did last season. I imagine they will, especially if we don’t have as big of a threat as Huntley at QB. Lots of reverse plays, slants, and bubble routes that went for big gains. Guy could become the main weapon for Utah on offense, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get real national recognition.

The guy was a bright spot at a position where we hadn’t seen much offensive production for a while. If there is a season, he could be a key fixture in our success.


I don’t think anyone is doubting that he will be a major part of our offense. He might be the best tight end in the country. I’m not just saying that. Many experts believe he belongs in that conversation. I would be surprised if he isn’t the most productive player on our offense this year.

What I am interested in finding out is how they plan on using both him and Covey. I don’t think you can find another team in college football with two guys that you can use in so many different ways. The possibilities of how those two could be used together are limitless. I’m not sure how defenses plan on defending them. Just imagine the two of them lining up next to each other. Usually, when there is a screen play or a reverse, it’s pretty clear who is going to be the one getting the ball, and who is going to do the blocking, not the case with these two. Imagine running a bubble screen with Covey as a decoy of some sort. Imagine running a reverse/end around with those guys involved, then throw in the fact that Covey can throw quite well. Line both of those guys up next to each other, have them run a rub route down field. They are both match up nightmares. One is tiny and incredibly quick, the other is large and much quicker than he has any right to be. It would be like Stockton and Malone out there running the pick and role, creating mismatches galore… Yeah, I REALLY hope they have a football season this year. That would be must see TV.


by the way, I don’t think many people really stop to think about how talented Covey is. If he had 2 more inches, and 20 more pounds, he’d be the most productive player in college football. His physical stature is the only thing stopping him from being a heisman candidate. Heck, if he can stay healthy, he may be one anyway.


and we essentially only saw him play for 1/2 the year. We’ve never had an athlete like him at TE


He is one of the top TEs in the country, who most of the country doesn’t know about. Very underrated.

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