Aside from OCGreg

Have any of the yappy assed Trojans stopped by to get their crow and humble pie?

@ghostofOCGreg you’ve been fun to have around. You may talk smack, but you can take as well as you dish it. Your perspective has been good for us. You’re views on our PAC foes have been extremely entertaining.

I hope that even once USC is in the BIG you keep posting here.

The only other person that I saw was likely some byu dork pretending to be a Trojan, and thanks.



That must have been the guy that jumped in with a “told you” when the score was 17-3. That didn’t age well.


@ghostofOCGreg is a standup fan for USC and an asset to this board. His first comment here after the game was a congratulations to us and the Utes. Not the typical USC fan. And I say this after reading posts of his that really rubbed the wrong way.

Thanks to @Carolina_Cycling_Ute for starting this thread.

P.S. After this post. I will still refer to USC as: the Cond0ms, U$C and USuCk.


OCGreg represents the best of what being a college football fan should be, what we should all aspire to.

(That said, none of us are perfect.)

We appreciate the positive peer pressure, Greg. Hell, you might even get some of us to watch B1G games more…after next year.