Army v Navy

I know, I know. Not a Utah game. That said, I am trying to attend next year. I have been lucky to know many who played in this game on both sides. I always will pull for Army. This year’s unis look nice with a great background.

Go Army, Beat Navy.


Go Army!!! Batter the Goats!!!

Holy Moly! We all agree?!?

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Having served in both branches, I’m definitely partial to Navy. Go Navy, torpedo the Kaydets.


Boston strong.
Go Navy!

I’m not military, but I love the tradition of this game. I also love the way the players treat each other before, during and after the game.
Always get choked up when they sing to the audience at the end

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The City I live in has a starting FB for Navy, Jamale Carothers.

He went to the same HS as former Army QB Trent Steeleman.

Bowling Green High School has kids play various sports for the two academies. So, it’s hard to pull one way or the other each time this one is played.

Love this game and it’s tradition. I’ve got a soft spot for Navy, mostly because of my wife’s go with NROTC at the U.

I really like how both Academies will go at each other on the field, but are really on the same team in life. Just a fun game to me.

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Army-Navy Game is a bucket list game for me. It is always entertaining.

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I was pulling for Army but local kid Jamale Carothers with a receiving and rushing TD.

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