Arizona vs UCLA

Right now, Arizona couldn’t throw it in the ocean if they were standing in a rowboat.

Pelle started and played a lot of minutes. Damn.


Yeah. Couple that with Allen at Texas and Plummer at Illinois…that makes me sad.

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I think Allen and Plummer were gone regardless of coaching changes.


Not sure if Timmy would have left or not (but may indeed be the case he was on his way out). Allen did seem to have the green light to do what he liked including long shots outside of his range, driving into triple coverage in the paint, etc. He made a lot of plays for us, many of them ones no one else could make, and was great at getting to the foul line, but was a bit reckless at times. Wonder if he has that much freedom in Austin.

Yup. Plummer wasn’t happy with the way Larry buried him on the bench. Allen was very open about wanting to go someplace where he could play in the dance.

My guesses if Larry was still here:
Likely gone: Allen, Jantunen, Plummer, Thioune, Battin, Kellier, Wenzel.

Likely stay: Carlson, Jones, Martinez, Brenchley,

50/50: Pelle