Arizona game thread: NOT a trap game

Oh well when the ball is wet fumbles happen.* Now I’m more worried about Jackson than about the fumble.

*But the Utes do seem to fumble a lot inside the opposition’s 5-yard line.


I hate it when we blitz, but the DB’s are playing 8 yards off the receivers. I’ll never understand that thinking.

I dont know
This could still be the ultimate TRAP game.
Go UTES !!

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Trap Schmap!

The wildcats look trapped.

Trapped like Musk buying Twitter.

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Well the Wildcats finally scored…on the 3rd team.

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TT had some nice plays tonight. Confidence boosters.

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Jesus! What was that?
I was kidding

I got that! I was trying to join in the joke. (Somewhat opaquely, it turns out.) All’s well!

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Not a response to you, :')
Hate to see 10 free points in garbage time - even if we’re killing them

I was most bothered by the muffed punt/safety. That was a huge mental error. He never should’ve tried to catch the ball.


Utah gained points in both the Coaches Poll and AP Poll, but moves down a spot to #13 in each. Utah was leapfrogged by LSU in both polls:

Last week Utah had 874 points in the Coaches Poll; this week had 888. Last week Utah had 876 points in the AP poll; this week had 881.

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Utah moves up 1 spot in CFP to #13. Utah is #13 in all 3 major polls.


I can see the SEC getting 3 teams in the playoff.

Ohio St/Michigan loser will be out of the running.
TCU will lose to Texas or Baylor
Utes will beat Oregon
UCLA will beat USC

That leaves the door wide open for Tennessee (who has nobody left, really), LSU, and then Alabams if LSU stumbles.

There, I said it.

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In that scenario i would guess LSU beats UGA so they’d have 11-2 LSU, 12-1 UGA, 11-1 Tenn, and Ohio St./Mich winner.

I hope UW beats Oregon then we do too. Then we beat UCLA in CCG and play Mich in Rose Bowl.

I want Texas to beat TCU this week then beat them again in the CCG (but I’m an alumn). No Big12.

I also hope Clem loses again because even a 12-1 ACC conf champ would probably beat out SEC non-conf, non-div winner. But Clem is not good.


That would be the “stumble”. And then Bama gets in.

UCLA could still make the playoff in that scenario.

I wouldn’t expect them to leap over Tennessee or Bama.

That would speed up the expanded CFP from 2025 or so to next season. Let’s bring on the chaos. 3 SEC teams in this seasons CFP.

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