Arizona game thread: NOT a trap game

The fumble was a lucky thing. On the third and 19, 5 Utes touched that AZ receiver before he fell down.

Slightly slow start on O. Rising still finding the range.

Rising is channenling Lance Rice. Those were some horrible throws


Need to be running the ball.

The ground game is moving the ball. Nice run by Dixon for the TD.

Well, we started off with the D bending and then it broke.

Edit: Hasn’t completely broken yet.

Edit 2: Now it has. They’ve had two chunk yardage plays. Maybe they’ve got that out of their system now.

What’s with the defense? Horrible! Arizona has 174 yards after one quarter.

Finally a good defensive series!

Maybe those last 2 sacks herald a change in intensity. Or something.

Sack Lake City

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Jackson looking good. Nice surprise!

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we have some exciting athletes on offense Jackson, Glover and Nate Johnson all look good

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Refs seem to not want to call any holding tonight


SMU has 56 points in the first half against Houston

Utes playing inspired ball on both sides.
Hoping @LAUte is correct. NOT a trap game.
Let’s game them out after a shower and strategy debrief.

I’m depending on you guys typing updates and KSL updates on this game. Thanks! Sadly, my radio is in the cold garage.

ESPN700 App

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I wasn’t using the app correctly. Thanks Diehard.


You can also download an app called iTune radio. From there you can choose ESPN 700 (and hundreds of other stations). I use it all the time, it works better for me than going directly to the ESPN700 app.


AZ’s run defense is atrocious