Are Zoom Calls Wearing Everyone Out?

I think there’s a lot to this problem. I also think people are still learning how to use Zoom/Teams/Facetime, etc., in business. My bet is that there will be a reconciliation, or a balance, between video meetings and in-person meetings. Also, workplaces where people gather will not disappear. They’ll just be used less, in a mix of in-person and virtual interactions. You read it here first!

50% of all meetings, in person and zoom, can be replaced with email!


In my experience, email was like leaving a voicemail. People just ignore it.

It was also my experience that people who had company issued cell phones just meant that there was yet another way to not be able to get a hold of someone.

Some meetings could, and many meetings could be much shorter, but sometimes there is no substitute for in-person communication, IMO.

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If you want to make Zoom more tolerable turn of the view of yourself and keep the view of others up. It makes it 80% less exhausting and awful. Imagine sitting in an in person meeting with everyone having a mirror in their face.

I decided to do that a while back and while it is still a poor substitute for in person it is WAY better.

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My work machine doesn’t have a camera for security reasons so our calls are all voice only. The catch: I have a hearing loss so I can’t really understand anyone. But I still prefer to stay at home because it wouldn’t make much of a difference to go in and try to lip-read people wearing masks.

I think it does make it more difficult to put in 8-9 hours of work when there is no personal interaction. When the whole thing blows over, I’m probably going to commit to going into the office 1-2 times per week just to keep my projects on target. (My commute was 1 hour one way and I don’t think I’ll ever do that full time again).

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also, I’m still trying to figure out how to host trick-or-treaters with Zoom.

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I probably spend 10 hours or so a week on Zoom calls. A couple things that have helped are spending some time each week with my team talking about non work stuff. Being free and open to hop on an unscheduled call just to chat with coworkers just like you would stop by their desk in person can be quite helpful in making Zoom less stressful. It’s also important to respect the time of larger groups of people and stick to an agenda. It’s also ok to end meetings prior to the scheduled end time if everything on the agenda has been addressed. Needless rambling to take up the time is draining.

Our company fully intends to have everyone back in the office and collaborating in person once we are able to do so. We are currently basically 100% remote/WFH. There are a few exceptions in the office for those who have a need but otherwise everyone is remote for the foreseeable future. I look forward to being back in the office but I’m enjoying working from home.

In my group, we have used Zoom for a few years. My peers and boss are spread out across the county. It is a great way to keep some personal connection, being able to see faces rather than just hear voices.

They work best in small groups, it would say 8 or less. Much more than that, and you are asking for chaos. Your are better off at that point just having the presenter display their image.

I know you can’t do this in all settings, but I appreciate a little humor during Zoom meetings. I find it helps people keep focused and lightens the mood.

I’m not natural at doing it, but people that are sure help meetings flow better and make them more enjoyable.

Without video calls (we use Microsoft Teams, but also Zoom when clients require it) the pandemic would have been much worse for us. I actually see my colleagues‘ faces now much more than I ever did before. Apart from that, the isolation would’ve been crushing if all we had was telephonic communication.

I think the pendulum will swing back to a more balanced mix between in-person and virtual work. Ultimately, I think human beings are made to collaborate, and personal presence is not fully replaceable. After the pandemic quiets down (dare I say, after we finally conquer it?) I think people will figure out how to make the new reality work. The move to more virtual work was inevitable anyway, but the pandemic accelerated by at least five years.

We all hated Morning meetings. Zoom calls replaced the morning meetings. Plus @LAUte is correct. It’s helped with safer sales calls and client services.