Are USC and Oregon as big a deal as they think they are?

Canzano: Oregon Ducks need to join USC and put Pac-12 Conference on notice

Independence talk heats up, not just for USC, but Oregon

That is crazy. Yes, they are great programs (whether historically-USC, or current-Oregon). Both will be better going forward.

But if Notre Dame can just barely survive as an ‘Independent’ (though they schedule 5 ACC teams, USC, Stanford, and Purdue annually), then why do USC and Oregon think they could do better?

And what is the other option? What about going to the Big 12? USC and Oregon love throwing their money around as leverage. But they want NO PART of Texas. UT could buy and sell both universities without breaking a sweat.

That whole article is just crazy.


Pretty much guarantee if one (or both) of those schools do this and blow the whole thing up, I’ll be done with college athletics for good.

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It’s my understanding that Canzano is the Gordon Monson of Protland. He’s a pot-stirrer.


Yes, the PAC 12 TV deal sucks. Yes, the PAC 12 Network sucks. Yes, U$C and Whoregon AKA “Phil Knight University” are feeling like they are being held back by being in the PAC 12.

So let’s look at this…

The TV deal…When it was signed, it was the second most lucrative deal in the NCAA behind the SEC. When the Big 10, Big 12 and ACC got theirs a couple of years later, they leap-frogged the deal. Historically the PAC 12 has never made SEC or Big 10 type money. The Big 12 is a feast (Texas and Choklahoma) and famine (pretty much everyone not Texas and Choklahoma) - it pays out more, but has very little benefit across the board. The ACC got paid because of their deal with Notre Dame. In this case some added cachet mattered.”

The P12 Network - Financially it is a dumpster fire. Without a full -exposure coverage on all TV platforms, P12N is basically the Mountain on ‘roids. With all that is negative noted, P12N could stop the bleeding if it (and the P12HQ) changed their venue to a more affordable locale. It’s nice that Uncle Larry wants to hobnob with the techie crowd, but the rent is too damned high, and he could be doing the same thing at Silicon Slopes, the Front Range, or the Phoenix metroplex for a fraction of the cost. Hell, they could put it all in Vegas for less. We put all the P12 Championship Games there, why not the Network and HQ?

U$C and Whoregon - The ego doesn’t equal the results. U$C football has been a dumpster fire, given the talent they sign ever season. Add to it the admissions scandals and payola issues, even John Wayne is doing back flips in his grave over the BS. This season they didn’t even recruit, coming in at the bottom of the PAC 12. All they have left is their name and the fact they are in SoCal.

Whoregon is two seasons removed from being a dumpster fire themselves. A couple of good seasons later and they think they are world beaters - the same school that gave up over 30 points in a bowl game to TCU to lose. Historically they have had some nice seasons, but they don’t normally win bowl games. Yes, they have more wins in the Rose Bowl than we do, but with like 70 years of time in the conference, you would hope they could bypass us by natural gravity.

The beat writer stirring this pot needs to do a little research and quit hacking the heads off rock cod.


I get that SC & Oregon think they are better than everyone else, but is them having to travel to West Virginia going to fix anything? They would both regret the change the moment it happened.

The PAC will get a much better TV deal when the contract expires.

But what do I know? Screw em’ both if they blow it all up.