Are the Snyders the worst NFL owners?

At one point I would have argued that the Davis family was. I have my issues with Jerry Jones, but not as an owner. He’s a crap GM, but he’s been a pretty good owner.

Dany Snyder on the other hand, comes across as both an incompetent owner, and a crappy human being. If I’m wrong, please let me know how so.

Anyway, ESPN says that the Snyders may be looking to sell at least some of the WFT (can’t quite do Commanders yet, and still think of them as the Redskins). If the Snyders do sell some or all of the team, does that help the team get an updated stadium? I gather that DC, NVA governments, VA and MD governments aren’t too interested in helping right now because Snyder is so unlikeable.

Dan Snyder is the Donald Sterling or Dell Loy Hansen of the NFL. The fact the league didn’t just shut him down the way the other two leagues shut their problem owners down is the head scratcher.

Come to think of it, why hasn’t the Phoenix Suns owner gotten rolled yet?