Are the Pac 12 teams a fit for the Big 12?

in context of what 's happening that battle is like two homeless people fighting over a half empty can of beer they found

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Been there myself increasingly over the last few years. As college football has increasingly moved into an official NFL B league and TV product, the money has damaged the sport and worse, undermined the academic focus and affordability of most universities. I read a few years ago how few football programs were profit centers for schools vs the large majority where they are a hyped expense that gets passed in to students already buried in debt. I like Triple A ball and don’t associate it with the U…perhaps it’s time to do the same with football. :man_shrugging:t2:


TBH I have been less than impressed with Leg Research’s ability to conduct legal research. Also, the recent SCOTUS case casts doubt.


Not sure that the OLRGC would reach a similar conclusion under the current SCOTUS.