Are the conference title game rules deregulated?

I ask because I think there’s a better way to organize the PAC. 2 Divisions that protect the California schools playing each other creates issues. It’s a take off on the cooler idea that got a lot of pub when the PAC was first being split. Create 3 - 4 team pods . You play your pod every year and 2 teams from each of the other pods. Then take the top 2 teams and play the title game. The talk of CU and USC playing for the title - prior to our beat down of the Buffs - got me thinking about this again. Yes, we would lose an annual trip to So Cal which sucks, but the northwestern contingent already deals with that. Thoughts?

Maybe. I’m not signing off on a new structure unless it involves 10 conference games.

10? That’s a huge number with the SEC only playing 8. You’re guaranteed 12 more losses than the SEC by going to 10.

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Yup. But it’s still the way to go.

I think we should have 11 conference games every year, no divisions, every team plays each other once. Week 1 should be scheduled against B1G opponents and the championship game should be the Rose Bowl against the B1G champion.

Yeah yeah, whatever you do, don’t model your football schedules after the SEC, since they are such a terrible conference that never wins anything important… nope, don’t do that.


It’s true, the SEC is the king of college football. I never had any doubts about that, but they announced it again to the world when they rejected the Big 10’s plan.

We aren’t catching the SEC, and we certainly aren’t catching them by playing by their rules. You think we are getting respect if we go to 8 games with a November game against the Citadel? It won’t work that way.

This Fall, we played the role of pathetic follower when we let the Big 10 decide what we would do. Let’s be leaders instead. Let’s bail on divisions, play a 10 game conference schedule, and implement an annual crossover challenge with the Big 10.

Maybe the playoff committee respects our manhood and our genius, maybe not. But at least we’d be doing something great.


If this season has taught anybody anything, it should be that making life more difficult for yourself doesn’t help in the long run. BYU is the perfect example of that. They’ve played a schedule full of terrible teams and are currently enjoying their best season since 1984, when they similarly got way too much credit for beating bad teams.

We need to worry about going undefeated before we worry about the strength of our schedule. If we can’t win all of our games, who we play doesn’t matter. Easier games = more wins = better ranking = better recruiting = better team… This isn’t rocket science.

The pac12 suffers because we play 9 conference games. It hurts the perception of the conference to have half our teams with an extra loss.

When we consistently go undefeated the playoff committee will have no choice but to let us in. Our strength of schedule doesn’t mean anything.

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Why don’t we just make our own league championship with the B1G and stop worrying about inclusion to the bogus playoff? We should be maximizing profits, which means maximize the total number of important games.

You can’t tell me more money is made for PAC 12 by having a playoff team every other year than would be made by having 18 extra conference games every year.