Apple TV interested in PAC-12 Network?

Tidbits like this are always interesting to note.

The existing platform is not performing as expected. If Apple wants to buy it, let them. They may have more success selling it across the entertainment platforms than Larry Scott has been able to do.


Apple, at least couldn’t do any worse than Larry.


If Apple buys the rights, at least it will be on a platform that is widely available for pretty cheap to pretty much everyone on the planet (except maybe those that live in China and North Korea). A lot of people still think you need an Apple TV device, but it’s just a streaming service app now, which is appealing to me. I’d rather have it available on Apple TV (or some other streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix) than some big satellite TV company or cable company (or both for that matter). I’d much rather pay $4 and change a month than $60 plus.

Having it on Apple TV means that it won’t just be something that people watch by accident (think flipping through the channels), but at least it will be available to whoever wants to tune in, and we likely won’t be stuck with crazy late start times either.

The streaming platform that conquers sports will win - I’ve said that for a long time. Also, the streaming platform/smart tv platform that learns how to serve up targeted television ads and smart ads in program will also win the advertising and revenue battle and forever change how we view TV. What if a small business can do TV ads to just people who are interested in their product like Google Adwords? Apple is PRIMED to do both. Say what you may about Apple but they have become great an integrating their devices together.

If I were Larry Scott I would be all over this particularly as a PARTNER to help Apple figure out how to make sports work as a streaming service. The right partnership with something like this would dwarf revenue of all competing conferences.

And Apple will fight like hell to protect privacy rights.

There is a reason the government rarely uses anything but iPhones for government employees