AP Preseason Poll 2023

I’m ok with us at 14. USC, FSU, and Texas seem suspiciously high. I might argue that Clemson is too high also, but Dabo at least has a track record.

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SMDH…the PAC 12 has six teams in the Top 20, but can’t negotiate a TV contract…WTAF!!!


But, but, if 5 top 20 teams play after dark, does anyone actually know it’s happening?

Definitely sad, annoying, and frustrating. Of course, we’ll all beat each other up, not have an undefeated champion and they’ll all say, “see?” and compare it to an undefeated UGA who will have played 2, maybe 3 ranked teams (look at their schedule).

Texas and FSU are more ‘paper rankings’ - have to prove it. But I think at least FSU, Clem, or Texas ends up no higher than in the 20s.

I would probably just put USC, UW, UU, UO at 9-12 and see who wins.


I guess I don understand how USC, Washington and Clemson are ahead of us

If you look at the talent makeup of those three teams they SHOULD be better. Utah is notorious for overperforming which is why Whitt to me is a top 5 if not 3 coach. Like last year. Utah was like the 30th ranked team in talent. Yet, they win the conference and end up in the Rose Bowl. Also, there are questions about Cam’s health and replacing key departures to the NFL.