Anyone watching UNC/Miami on ABC?

It’s the weirdest thing, there’s been no announcer audio at all for the past 20 minutes. Can hear all the stadium sound, music, and everything just fine, but no announcers.

Then it went to commercials…same thing. Can hear the commercial’s music, the sound effects, etc no problem but there’s no voice audio on any of the ads.

Wondering if anyone else is getting the same, or if it’s an issue with my feed and/or TV.

I’m watching over the air and no issues

Huh, weird.

I’m on Xfinity in South Jordan. Still no announcer audio. All the other channels work just fine.

Yep, No announcer’s here in Mill Creek

I remember back a long time ago (perhaps in the 70s) one of the networks did an experiment where for an NFL game, no announcers. Just crowd and game noises.

Would hop over to ABC to check out this game out of curiosity, but DISH and Channel 4’s owners having a contract dispute so can only watch by switching to antennae and that TV is being watched by others right now.

That’s basically what I’m getting right now, but it’s happening with all the ads too. Very strange.

I’m so glad someone posted this. I’m having the same issue. I’m not tech savvy but did some Google searches and apparently it might be the channels they are broadcasting their audio through. I switched to the broadcast on ESPN3 and you can hear it there.

Just checked, and over the air in SLC, on channel four, I’m hearing voice audio on ads, and commentator audio during programming…

Too bad, I’m sure what you folks are experiencing is a huge improvement.

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