Anyone watching the Navy game?

My team is losing…


If anyone else cares, go to chat.

I’d love to watch CFB but just can’t find too much interest in this game. I’d rather watch HS FB


Sage decision…
This game is becoming a pathetic rout.
I can’t wait to see the papers in the morning.
Navy looks like a Friday Night Lights team.

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Just tuned in. Let me guess…Cougarbored is saying that based on this first half, they would have definitely beat us this year. I’m not going to look at that board to find out, but I’m sure that thought is being floated.


lol, right?

Niumatalolo had a really nice team last year, went 11-2. This year looks much less experienced, and they’re completely outmanned upfront.

Apparently the Cougs couldn’t get a single P5 game, so this is like the WAC days where they beat lesser teams, week after week.

G5 National Champs! And since all those teams cancelled games with them, they’ll really be 19-0, the greatest record in college football history!

(Things will come back to earth next year when they have to play P5 teams again)

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As is the bane of the Service Academies. They can assemble a team that can get hot and have a solid winning season, then watch graduation throw them into an immediate rebuild. Unlike a lot of higher profile schools, the standards for acceptance at the Service Academies make it basically impossible to recruit a reload of the team, this is why they play hot or cold.

Looks like tonite, ice cold is on the menu.


My current opinion may change but given the choice of the 50/50 possibility of real games in January or playing basically high school teams guaranteed now like BYU… I think I’d risk the 50/50 shot.

BYUs schedule is about as interesting as watching paint dry.


This is what I thought as well. I thought about turning it on but it was already 24-3 or something…I looked up their schedule and tonight looked to be their toughest game.

Eh. I’ll wait for more interesting football.

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Great win for BYU. 15 million mormons worldwide tuned in and celebrated their greatness. Tears were shed, faith was restored, families came together in song. The church is clearly true, and yes, BYU is better than Utah. Last year, this year, and forever.


Refreshments weren’t served?


Punch with sprite and fruit in it and little Debbie Sweet Rolls.

I heard some households got a little out of control and there may or may not have been some spiked punch…the diet mountain dew can supply was a little low this morning.

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honey glazed ham and funeral potatoes, jello salad, hotel utah hard rolls

Mmm funeral potatoes.


Coug fans are really angry that anything is being said that takes away from their “NFL like” performance.

What a bizarre collection of humans.


BYU fans should be ecstatic, instead of starting their season with #10 in a row, they got a W.


I’m not sure I’ve seen a team less prepared to play than Navy. That was a real embarrassment for their program. Having said that, I thought BYU looked pretty good, in particular I think their OL could give teams some trouble even with a regular schedule. Top 20? Nah. Top 40? Probably.

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I can’t tell if you’re a Poe, or if you are one of those crazy Zoobs.